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  • Night of the Dragon (Shadow of the Fox #3) by Julie Kagawa
  • Fable by Adrienne Young
  • These Vengeful Hearts by Katherine Laurin
  • Kingdom of the Wicked (Kingdom of the Wicked #1) by Kerri Maniscalco
  • Traitor by Amanda McCrina
  • The Project by Courtney Summers

  • Imagine Me (Shatter Me #6) by Tahereh Mafi

So its been a while since I've posted. Most of the year in fact. Its just been a rough year. I think we all can agree on that. I just haven't been in it. So many times I sat down to write a post and I just wasn't feeling it. So I'll just chat a little bit about why. I fell into a depression for a while. It was just hard for me to even get up and do things. I left my job at Amazon in June as it was contributing to my depression. Long story short with that, I was trying to get a transfer to a different department because the one I was in was causing me pain. There was literally one thing I was trained to do that my manager refused to listen to me about that was causing me significant pain. Like leave work in tears, spend my days off crying and trying not to move my arm kind of pain. I knew one of the other departments wouldn't cause me that pain, but between my manager not approving my transfer requests and HR refusing to do anything about it I had to leave. This manager only catered to her favorites and you were garbage if you weren't one. I wasn't one. Eventually she got removed as my shifts manager because almost our entire shift complained about her treatment. But it was too little too late by then. I had been trying to transfer since January. I left halfway through June. Between her, HR and our "wellness center" which was where we were supposed to go when we were injured, I had enough. The wellness center had the nerve to tell me I was faking my injury. I felt really depressed because I actually liked working for Amazon but I wasn't going to destroy my arm and end up on disability because of it at 27. But because of all this I dreaded going to work because I never knew if I'd leave uninjured or in excruciating pain. This all really contributed to me being depressed for a while.

Things have kind of started looking up though. I decided at the beginning of October to go back to school and get my Bachelors. So December 1st I'm starting my first term at Western Governors University to finally get my Elementary Education degree to become a teacher. And truthfully I'm actually excited about it. Since deciding to go back to school I've also started applying to schools for aide positions. I actually have 3 interviews this Monday for 5 aide openings (2 schools have 2 openings available). So I'm trying to be really hopeful about those. I'd love to work as an aide so I can get classroom experience before actually doing student teaching and getting my own classroom. The two districts I have the interviews for are also districts I'd love to work in so I'm gonna try my best to land one of these. Plus I'd be incredibly less stressed compared to Amazon working in a school when its what I'm going to school for. So I'm really hoping. 

I'm just exhausted over this year though. Its just been straight trash for the most part. At least the year seems to be ending on a better note for me. I am changing the blog like I've said though. I've decided on a new name. So I'm in the process of working on those changes. I feel like it fits better now. Its a little bit broader. Not overly broad, but it's not just specific to books now, however it still has something related to books in the title. Its still short and sweet like my current name. But yeah, I'm feeling better about it. I'm still planning on hosting the Dystopia Reading Challenge for next year, and actually being here more. I'm sure you guys understand my absence though. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first and come back to things later. And I needed to get through the hard parts of my depression this year before even thinking about coming back. And you won't fully see me back until next year. I'll post the challenge sign ups. And probably a post about the new name and some other things, but I won't be back regularly until 2021. But yeah, the name will change in December. The challenge graphics will have the new name, I'll have a new header, overall look will stay. Color change though to go with the header. I feel like I'm gonna have a better time coming back to blogging with the changes and it'll really feel like a fresh start. I'm looking forward to talking with you all again and catching up! If it helps, the fact I'm using my blue signature again gives you a hint of the color change. It'll be close to that. 

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