Review Policy/Contact Info

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my review policies and disclaimers.

I'd be happy to consider reviewing your book as long as it falls under a genre I would read. My blog focuses on Young Adult (YA) books. I have expanded recently to include New Adult as well. I also read an occasional adult book, but I'm pretty picky about those. With that being said, I am accepting review requests again! Please make sure your book falls into one of the categories below if you are considering sending a review request. I reserve the right to decline a request if I feel it does not fit or that it seems like you did not read what types of books I review in the first place. 

The Genres I Read (in YA and NA):
  • Contemporary
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy 
  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction

The formats I accept are ARC's, e-ARC's/eBooks, & finished copies. My preferred version of eBook is the kindle version as I own a Kindle Fire. But I will accept copies compatible with Adobe Digital Editions for the computer as well. 

I am also happy to host author interviews, guest posts, giveaways and blog tour stops!    

In my reviews I include the title and series, author, publisher, publication date, amount of pages, and format I got it in. I also include the blurb from Goodreads with it. I then write the review under that and lastly at the bottom you'll find my star rating of the book. If there is anything else you need included, please don't hesitate to ask me to add it. :)

In terms of Advanced Copies. I try not to post reviews until about a month (30-31 days) before its release. However, I do also post some the day of release or shortly after as well. It all depends on whats already scheduled. 

Review Disclaimer:
My reviews are my own personal opinions of books. Not everyone has the same opinion as me and I fully respect that! If I dislike a book, I try to explain what it was that made me feel that way and what could have been improved upon to change that feeling. I do not bash authors! I know how hard you guys work on your books and would never put anyone down just because a book wasn't to my liking. 

My Rating System:  
- A rare rating. Absolutely blew me away! 
 - AMAZING!!! I loved it!

 - I really liked it!

 - It was okay. 

 - I didn't like it. 

 - I wouldn't read it again, definitely not for me. 

If you would like me to review your book, host an interview or a guest post or have any questions please feel free to contact me at
FTC Disclaimer:
In accordance with FTC guidelines, I do not receive any money for my reviews or any other posts/promotions posted on my blog. All books reviewed are either bought by myself personally or gifted to me, borrowed from my local library, provided from authors/publishers in exchange for an free honest review, or received digitally from NetGalley or Edelweiss. I always include the format and where/who I got the book from if it did not come from my personal collection of books. 

Image/Graphics Disclaimer:
I get all the book cover images from Goodreads or author/publisher websites. Any other graphics on the blog are either used and linked back to the people that created them, or I have made from free use images (off of Pixabay is my preferred site). Other photos of myself, my books, etc are photographed by me and are my images. Please do not use my personal images without my permission. I share some of those because I enjoy giving my readers small insights into my life, so don't steal my personal photos please. :) I don't wanna have to revoke some of the fun non book pictures I get to share with you all!