April 2018
As part of the 2018 Dystopia Reading Challenge, I've decided to do some read-alongs! I had a poll up for people to vote on the book they'd like to read, and the winner was... RED QUEEN by VICTORIA AVEYARD!!! Now fear not, it's definitely not required that you participate in the Dystopia Reading Challenge to participate in this. It's completely open for ANYONE who wants to read with me! It's just a fun little extra for those who are. :)

Link up with your blog, goodreads, twitter, etc. Whatever you use for reading/updating books. :) Also, feel free to use the picture on your posts.

If you wanna tweet about it, use the hashtag #readalongredqueen
I wanted a hashtag that had not been used previously for red queen read alongs, so that's what we got. Lol.

  • April 2nd-9th (Week 1): Chapters 1-7
  • April 10th-16th (Week 2): Chapters 8-14
  • April 17th-23rd (Week 3): Chapters 15-21
  • April 24th-30th (Week 4): Chapters 22-28
So according to my kindle edition of Red Queen, there's 28 chapters total in the book not including the Epilogue. So I thought that rounded out perfectly to 7 chapters each week. I don't know about you, but I think that's easily doable! :)

June 2018
The read-along for June will be The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu. I thought since all the books are under 400 pages that it wouldn't be too difficult to get all the books in. I know I read books under 400 pages really fast, and I know I'm not alone in that. So I hope you'll join me!

The Schedule:

  • June 1st-10th: The Young Elites
  • June 11th-20th: The Rose Society
  • June 21st-30th: The Midnight Star

July 2018
The second read-along as a part of the Dystopia Reading Challenge will be The Unknown Trilogy by Wendy Higgins! Everyone, this was one of my absolute favorite books/series I read last year. I think the books in this series are fairly easy reads! It is fantastic and I wanna share my love of this book and series with as many as I can! I hope you'll join me in reading The Unknown Trilogy!

The Tentative Schedule Thus Far:
  • July 1st-11th: Unknown
  • July 12th-21st: Unrest
  • July 22nd-31st: Undone

The official sign up post with any more info will be available at the beginning of June!

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  1. I love the idea of read-a-longs!! Looks like you've had some really good books chosen for your read-a-longs this year.


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