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So I've never really been into Manga. Boyfriend says I should give it a try. Orange is one of the ones I've been wanting to try for a while now and I finally found it at Barnes & Noble! So far I'm actually enjoying it. So success! 

So not much has been going on. I did finally get the colors updated to what I said I wanted. I really like it! Now just to finish up some graphics and we'll be good! But definitely happy with the coloring! I'm finally reading! As mentioned above I'm reading Orange. Hopefully this is what pulls me out of my slump as I've just been having trouble picking up books and I'm actually looking forward to when I get to read this! Fingers crossed! 

I got my tax refund this week! So now I can finally go buy a few more things I've needed. Like a vacuum. The things you look forward to buying as an adult, am I right? Lol. But it'll be nice to have a good vacuum again. 

I've been playing more Warframe on the PS4. Its what I've been doing to unwind from work. Playing for an hour or two just helps me relax. I've been making decent progress I feel like. I've only been playing about a month and I feel like for just playing a little after work and some on my days off, I've unlocked a fair amount of stuff and made decent progress storyline wise. So that's nice. 

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