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So idk why, but I feel like I'm really in the mood for some world wars based books. So I bought this so I can read both OMS and DDP at the same time! 

So yeah. Haven't been posting much. I just haven't finished a book yet. If you noticed (which I'm sure you have reading this in the first place), I changed the template on the blog again. I just wanted something with a lot more flexibility with changing the colors and with this one I can do that without having to buy a new template every time cuz certain things are only certain colors. I really like this one. Plus, there's a few things on this one that are more user friendly I think than my previous ones. So at the moment its a work in progress. The current color is not what I'm keeping. It's just the base color of it. I'm gonna be working on making it I think, like a sea green. I've been testing a few colors and so far I really like how that one looks in the tests. So it'll end up more green as I work on the coloring changes. 

I've also decided two things going forward with the blog. The first one being that I don't want it to focus solely on books anymore. While that was what it was all about when I started it in 2011, it's now 2020 and I want to be able to post about other things on here as well. Now don't get me wrong, its still going to primarily be a book blog. Like 75% of the content is still going to be book related. I just want to be able to talk about other things on here as well. Some of those things being games, TV, being a parent, etc. Other things in my life. While I give snippets here and there, there's just some things I'd love to be able to talk more about and changing how I post on my blog gives me that flexibility to now. If you noticed, there's a new section in the menus titled lifestyle, which is where I'll link posts outside of books. The second thing, is I want to rename it because of said changes. Again, I named the blog in 2011 too, and I just want something that feels more in tune with things today. Obviously I still want it to be a name involving books somehow, but just something different. This is something I've been thinking about for a long while now. That being said, nothing will change involving things I host, etc, except me updating graphics with a new blog name. Lol. The only problem I'm having with this is I'm having so much trouble coming up with a new name. I've been tossing around so many ideas and nothing has sticked so far with me 100% liking it. So if you got any ideas or suggestions for renaming the blog, feel free to toss them out. If you give me a suggestion I like, or one that leads to a good name I like, I might just buy you a book for the good idea. Lol. Cuz I'm just struggling to find something solid I like name wise so far. 

Outside of blog changes, things are going fairly good. Ana's prepping for a lot. She's graduating preschool in May and she's starting Kindergarten in the fall. I've already got her registered for Kindergarten. OMG guys, I have a soon to be Kindergartener. Why do kids have to grow up so fast??? Ahhhh. We're excited though. She got to meet one of the teachers at the school already and sit down with her for a few minutes. Very impressed with how much she's learned in preschool so far. Ana is so excited to start in the fall. Fun bits, I dyed my hair a dark purple. I love having a job that doesn't have issues with fun hair colors. One of these days I'll get a good pic and put it on the blogs instagram. Lol. The apartment is furnished now. And I have an actual bed. Not just a metal frame. It's so nice!!!! I've also been enjoying cooking a lot more now that I can do that with my own place again. Things have definitely been going well. Fun fact from work. Our building was in the top 3 for launch buildings. And we even outdid other buildings in productivity that launched before us (we launched end of Sept 2019). So that's pretty cool. 

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