2018 Dystopia Reading Challenge: 2nd Quarter Update

Happy June! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year?? I hope we're all having some success with our reading goals!! If the challenge is new to you and you wanna sign up, please check out the Sign-Up Post! Your more than welcome to talk about any dystopian books you've read this year even if your just joining up! :) Feel free to link-up your update post or let me know in the comments how your doing! :)

So these are all the books I've read since the first update! If you'd like to see the previous books read for the challenge, please visit my first quarter update!

So these are all zombie apocalypse type of dystopian. They take place in the UK. They are incredibly interesting reads! 

So next I read the novellas and the first two books in the Red Queen series! I'm up to book 3 at this point. Overall not a bad series thus far. 

And finally we have these. Burn is the final book in the Pure Trilogy and it was not a great book. It just didn't got along with everything the previous books built up. And I've caught up on the Shatter Me series! Ignite Me was by far my favorite out of the series thus far, though Restore Me is definitely bringing some new material to the series! 

So I've read 12 dystopian books since my last update. Yes, I picked up the reading greatly! And guess what, when you pair these 12 with the 4 from my first update, I've already hit the 16 books I planned to read for the whole challenge! Woot! :D I just had a good few months of reading dystopian books! But I got that leader badge already! 

How are you doing on your dystopian reading goals? Feel free to link up your updates posts or let me know in the comments! :)

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