Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3)
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: February 4, 2014
Pages: 409
Format: Hardcover/Own

The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, which Ransom Riggs, bestselling author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, called “a thrilling, high-stakes saga of self-discovery and forbidden love.”

With Omega Point destroyed, Juliette doesn’t know if the rebels, her friends, or even Adam are alive. But that won’t keep her from trying to take down The Reestablishment once and for all. Now she must rely on Warner, the handsome commander of Sector 45. The one person she never thought she could trust. The same person who saved her life. He promises to help Juliette master her powers and save their dying world . . . but that’s not all he wants with her.

The Shatter Me series is perfect for fans who crave action-packed young adult novels with tantalizing romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu. Tahereh Mafi has created a captivating and original story that combines the best of dystopian and paranormal, and was praised by Publishers Weekly as “a gripping read from an author who’s not afraid to take risks.” Now this final book brings the series to a shocking and satisfying end.

Review: I honestly think this is my favorite book out of the series so far! I loved how the story line twisted, I loved the new revelations, and here it is, I even loved Warner! I know when I read Unravel Me I said I was still Team Adam, but I've jumped ship. I'll get to more about that later. But I definitely liked Warners character A LOT in this book. This has got to be one of the best 3rd books in a series I've read in a while. It was solid! 

So lets start with Juliette actually. I really loved her in this book. I'm so proud of how strong she gets and how she learns to do whats best for her, not everyone else but. She is honestly the most rational in this book besides Kenji. She is trying to look at the bigger picture of taking down The Reestablishment as a whole to make Sector 45 a better place, while others are just content to sit around and give up because Omega Point was destroyed. She lead the fight to take down the Reestablishment! She went from being a weak, scared girl who cried all the time and feared doing anything with her power to leading the resistance! Awesome job girl! I also loved how she stood up to Adam in this book. He says a lot of awful stuff to her and she stands her ground. She doesn't let him make her retreat into the person she was before. She gets upset of course. I can't imagine anyone hearing what he says to her and just brushing it off. But she doesn't let it consume her. I also love how she was kept a completely open mind regarding Warner and what he shared with her. She didn't just brush it off as him lying or brainwashing her. She was willing to consider the idea that he was indeed being truthful with her and he wasn't as bad as he seemed. She was definitely the bigger person out of everyone in this book! I'm also super happy she got better with her power! She learned how to have so much control over it and how to use it to its full potential. She grew so much!

Adam. Adam Adam Adam. Boy. In all seriousness. He was a massive douche canoe in this book. I absolutely cannot like this guy anymore after how he acted. Lets start with how he treated Juliette. He went off on her for wanting to help Warner take down his father. Like that is seriously what everyone wanted yet just because its Warner you get pissed at her? He kept acting like he was right about everything. Telling Juliette Warner brainwashed her and that he's using her and blah blah blah. And then he has the nerve to go off on her saying she was cheating on him!!! Um, hello. We all witnessed the break up in Unravel Me. You were no longer together as of that moment. She can't be cheating on you when your not together! Its not her fault you won't accept that and try to make peace with it. All he wanted was the weak, scared Juliette. Once she became a stronger, independent person he flipped his lid because she wouldn't just bend to his will and thoughts. All he did is attack her every time he saw her and it as just awful. Juliette is much better off with Warner. Adam has an attitude problem and needs to get it in line. 

Warner! Ok, I'll finally admit it. I'm officially Team Warner. With the way Adam treated Juliette and how Warner treated her, I have to say I much prefer Warner. He was willing to work with Juliettes ideas and follow her lead on some things. He treated her as an equal. He didn't talk down to her or tell her she was delusional and brainwashed for believing in someone. And even though he blatantly admitted he was madly in love with her, he didn't push things. Was he hurting waiting for Juliette to admit she reciprocated those feelings. Very obviously! But he didn't ever force anything. I also loved how fiercely protective of Juliette he was. When she needed him to get her from Adams he came incredibly fast. And he was incredibly worried something happened to her. The difference in Warners worry over Juliette compared to Adams when he thought she was dead was just astonishing. You could clearly see Warner is genuinely in love with Juliette while Adam was just being a massive controlling you know what not clearly thinking and still dealing with the break up. Warner is definitely not a bad guy. I definitely think knowing what I know now about him, I wouldn't hate him as much if I re read the first two books. 

I can't forget about Kenji! He was definitely the most level headed besides Juliette. He was the one seriously thinking whether siding with Warner would help bring down the Reestablishment. He was the one watching out for the Omega Point group as a whole, while Adam was off on his angry tirades. He was the one helping Juliette work on her powers, deal with the whole break up with Adam and his resulting anger, help her sort out her feelings for Warner. He was such a good friend to Juliette. He was also willing to be open minded towards Warner once Juliette explained everything to him and Warner even showed him some good faith. Definitely one of my favorites in this book!

I was so pleased with this book minus Adam. We learn so much about Warner and his past, his reasons behind things he did with Juliette, and just how soft hearted he actually is underneath his stone cold exterior. We saw so much growth with his character. We saw growth with Juliette and even Kenji's character. I also loved the ending with a certain hated person getting killed. I can't wait to see how things end up in Restore Me now! Such a great book! 

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