2018 Dystopia Reading Challenge: 1st Quarter Update

Happy March! It's here already guys! The first quarter update for the 2018 Dystopia Reading Challenge! I hope we're all having some success with our reading goals!! If the challenge is new to you and you wanna sign up, please check out the Sign-Up Post! Your more than welcome to talk about any dystopian books you've read this year even if your just joining up! :) Feel free to link-up your update post or let me know in the comments how your doing! :)

I was hoping to have read more than this, but my reading got off to a slow start this year. It's actually just now started picking up so I'm hoping I'll have much more progress by the 2nd quarter update. 

Discussion Question:
Which type of dystopian world do you think you'd have the most success surviving in? (Ex. Zombie Apocalypse, Post-Apocalyptic (War, Natural Disaster), Space, Statist (Strict Government), etc.)

My Answer: 
I think for me I'd have to say Post-Apocalyptic. While I'd really like to say Zombie Apocalypse with all the zombie books and shows to prepare me, I just don't think I'd survive. I'm positive somehow I'd end up surrounded and screwed. Lol. Post-Apocalyptic though I feel like I'd fare better. I think I'd do well trying to survive after a huge event. I feel like I'd do well picking good people to try and rebuild with. I also feel like I'd do better at avoiding those who may threaten me. And there's always the chance a human can be reasoned with. A zombie cannot be reasoned with. Plus I'd rather have the knowledge if I'm gonna go out, I'll go out without turning into something that could hurt others later on. 


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