Read-Alongs & Re-Reads!

So I thought I'd have some fun talking about Read-Alongs & Re-Reads!

Why I Like Read-Alongs/Re-Reads:

1. Reading With Others!
I like reading with others! I like reading by myself obviously, but I think it's quite fun also reading something with others and being able to discuss our thoughts about that book. I love seeing how others are digesting the same scenes I am and how their thoughts about characters and events are similar or different than mine. It also helps me to think about scenes and books in other ways than I might have before. 

2. Motivation!

If I'm hosting or participating in a Read-Along it gives me motivation to actually read that book! I can be very random with books I start reading sometimes. I'll plan on reading one book but then pick up another and back down the tbr pile that original book goes. When I'm participating in a Read-Along it gives me the motivation to pick it up and read it. 

3. Low Stress
Most read-alongs I've seen or hosted have lower stress goals. For example, reading one book for a read-along over the span of a month, ends up actually only being a few chapters a week. So that daunting 30-40 chapter book? Ends up only being 8-10 chapters a week instead of an entire book in a few days. The read-along I hosted for Red Queen ended up only having seven chapters a week. Super low stress there. Or when people host read-alongs/re-reads for series (such as when a new book is coming out in it). They'll span the read-along/re-read over a month or two and dedicate certain weeks to each book. So the first 2 weeks might be for book 1, the next 2 for book 2, etc. 

Some Great Examples of Low Stress Re-Reads Are:
ACOTAR Re-Read - This was hosted by The World of Sarah J. Maas and took place through March & April. Each book had a certain number of weeks dedicated to reading it. ACOTAR had the first 2 weeks of March (March 4th-17th), ACOMAF had the next 3 weeks (March 18th-April 7th) and ACOWAR had the last 3 weeks (April 8th-28th).

The Ember In The Ashes Re-Read: This is hosted by Penguin Teen and is currently going on in preparation for A Reaper At The Gates release in June. I'll be reading along with this so I can read the books for the first time before A Reaper At The Gates comes out. An Ember In The Ashes is being read from Apr 30th-May 12th (two weeks). And then A Torch Against The Night is from May 13th-June 2nd (3 weeks). There's also bloggers and booktubers posting throughout the re-read!

4. They Help Work On My TBR Pile!

While I plan on hosting a few read-alongs or re-reads in the future that do have a book/s I've read, a lot are going to be books I haven't that have just been buried in the TBR pile. And this also encourages me to participate in other ones if its a book on my TBR pile. I'm all about getting those books read and making that pile smaller (if that's even possible!)

So tell me, do you like participating in read-alongs & re-reads? Are there certain books or series you'd like to see in read-alongs or re-reads? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love the IDEA of readalongs, but in practice I find that I have a hard time following along long-term. I either want to zoom ahead or I forget the book and don't keep up. Sigh.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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