The Young Elites Read-Along: Update #1

The read-along for The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu is hosted here @ Hope, Faith & Books!

The Schedule:

  • June 1st-10th: The Young Elites
  • June 11th-20th: The Rose Society
  • June 21st-30th: The Midnight Star

My Update: 
So I finished The Young Elites in the early morning hours of Friday the 8th. I thought The Young Elites was interesting. I did think it was slow in a few parts, but not nearly as bad as some books. We get steady action and information throughout the book instead of it being one part slow background, second part action. 

Some Thoughts About The Young Elites:
  • I thought it was interesting that we are given a main character that has a lot of darkness in her and a very vengeful heart. You don't often see someone whose darker like Adelina is. I think the darkness inside her definitely makes her story more unique than some others. 
  • I also found myself surprised by the Dagger Society. Based on other books, I figured it be a group that takes her in and makes her one of them without too many issues. Instead the Dagger Society was a bit dark. Certain members immediately suggested killing Adelina at the first opportune moment because of her unique, strong powers. Others were so bold as to try and find her  and kill her themselves when she was outside the Dagger Societies hideout. I was not expecting it to be like that. 
  • I also found Enzo's lineage to be a bit surprising when we learned it early on. I was not expecting him to be who we found him out to be. 
  • I'm not sure what to make of Teren. We know he technically doesn't belong where he is because of what he is, but yet he does not embrace it. He turns against it and those like him acting like he's just a normal person. I feel like there's a lot more to learn about him. 

*Spoilers Are Let Loose From Here*

Thought Heading Into The Rose Society:
  • So we know Adelina is the creator of The Rose Society by the end of The Young Elites after she gets kicked out of The Dagger Society, so does she plan to try and recruit more Young Elites than it seemed like the Dagger Society ever found and let in? While she be better than they were towards her recruits? Definitely want to know more about The Rose Society!
  • The Malfetto Princess from Beldain is mentioned in the epilogue of The Young Elites. Apparently she is the one rumored to be able to raise the dead. I can very clearly see miles away where and what she's going to be doing in The Rose Society based on the ending and what happened to Enzo. Will she play any other role in the story though besides the part we can all already see?
  • We learn in near the end of The Young Elites that Violetta, Adelina's sister also has a power, that she kept hidden for years and used to help keep Adelina's hidden as well. How is her power going to play into the story in The Rose Society? 
  • What the hell is Teren up to? Clearly he had a plan to kill the king before the Dagger Society could. But I don't think it was solely to get his lover, the queen on the throne. I really feel like there is ulterior motives in there but I can't figure out what. 

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