June Read-Along: The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu

Hi everybody! So since there was a fair amount of interest for more Read-Alongs I'm working on doing some every month. Since I had some interest in The Young Elites being a read-along book. I decided to pick it. But I also found it doesn't have chapter numbers. And that all the books are under 400 pages. So I thought lets just read the whole series! Why not right? I know most of us read books under 400 pages really fast, so I feel like this would give the read-along a better pace than just reading The Young Elites alone.

I also picked this because all the books are out in paperback. So they aren't as expensive to buy now and plus since they've all been out for a bit, most libraries should have them to borrow as well. So I thought this would be a good overall pick. Plus I'm sure some of us *cough* me included *cough* have had these sitting on their TBR's for a while now so lets knock some more books of our TBR's! That's my aim with these read-alongs after all!

The Schedule:

  • June 1st-10th: The Young Elites
  • June 11th-20th: The Rose Society
  • June 21st-30th: The Midnight Star

I'll be posting updates with thoughts and reactions to each book as that section finishes.

  • First Update (TYE): June 10th
  • Second Update (TRS): June 20th
  • Last Update/Wrap Up (TMS): June 30th

I will also have the link-up on each update post. Instead of making new linky's for updates, I figure everyone can just come back and add a new link to the linky with their updates. We'll just put like update 1, 2... or so on in the name box. :)

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