Red Queen Read-Along Final Update & Wrap Up

The Red Queen Read-Along is being hosted here at Hope, Faith & Books. By the end of this week we should have finished Red Queen! Yay!

So I actually finished it already (on April 24th). 
My Thoughts:
I have to say, I didn't like certain parts of the second half of the book as much as I loved the first half as a whole. I thought Mare was a little more gullible and weak (in terms of trusting) in the second half of the book. We did finally get to see all the betrayals everyone talks about. I also got at least one of my questions answered from my last update. It was the one wondering how or what caused Mare's power and whether she was really 100% red. I'm glad at least one thing I was wondering about was answered. I'm also not the biggest fan of Maven right now. Just no. 

I'm also happy suspicions and events I hoped would happen after reading the Queen Song and Steel Scars novellas were confirmed and happened. I suspected Elara had a lot more to do with the death of the previous queen Coriane (Cal's mother), I just didn't expect her schemes to be as deep and long drawn out as they were. I knew Elara was a cold hearted person, but I didn't expect what she did with the king, her husband and to their son. She is definitely my least favorite character. I'm also glad we got to see the reunion of Mare and a certain someone who we find out had something not actually happen to them in Steel Scars. 

Questions I Still Have:
  • I still want to know, What caused the silver/red blood feud?
  • Is Maven really this bad himself, or is Elara puppeting him? I mean Maven is Elara's son, but I have to wonder if his actions are all him or if Elara herself is the cause. I'm sure I'll have to wait for War Storm to find this out. 
  • What will Cal do? He claims he can't fight what he is and has been trained to do, but he is no longer a part of that life. Will he fight to keep it or will he side with the rebels to take on Maven?
  • Does anyone else in Mare's family have powers besides those already known about?


  1. Haha, okay, you ran ahead, didn't you? :) I only skimmed through your post because I haven't yet finished the book so it was a bit spoilery for me. My suspicion about Maven is right, then. Hah, I knew it!! I wrote a second update today and will write my review next week. After it's posted, I'll come back to read your whole review. Have a nice week!! :)

    My second update

    1. I did!! Lol. I was reading and it got super interesting and then before I knew it I finished the book! LOL. One of those I just couldn't put it down times! Yes. Maven is not my favorite person right now. I'll go check your update! :)


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