The Young Elites Read-Along: Update #2

The read-along for The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu is hosted here @ Hope, Faith & Books!

The Schedule:

  • June 1st-10th: The Young Elites
  • June 11th-20th: The Rose Society
  • June 21st-30th: The Midnight Star

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I finished The Rose Society on the 20th. I was slacking a bit. I definitely could have finished it earlier but was just slacking and getting distracted by other stuff. But I got it finished and I really enjoyed it! I definitely loved that it picked up the pace a little more than The Young Elites and still let us discover new stuff while not skimping on the action. 

Thoughts About The Rose Society:
  • I definitely thought it was interesting to see Adelina go even darker in this book. Her darkness in The Young Elites was only scratching the surface compared to what we see in this book. She embraces it fully and uses it without much regret to what she causes with it. 
  • I wasn't super keen on the fact she let the voices in her head outway the actual people in her life. She is constantly letting the voices influence her actions and decisions, even though she knows her sister and her new friends are right. I'm not super excited about the fact she's literally letting her powers corrupt her mind over believing those around her that are trying to help and care. 
  • I really liked Magiano. We finally meet and get to spend time with the famed Magiano. And he is actually a really cool guy. I honestly think he was my favorite character in this book. He has a very unique power. I felt bad about some of the time Adelina snapped at him for caring or getting to close to her. He genuinely wants to help and care for her but she makes it so hard for anyone to do that. 
  • I'm just done with the Daggers. They had a lot of nerve talking about Adelina and her lies the way they did when they are no better. They literally lied and talked behind her back and kicked her out of the damn Dagger society and they had the nerve to blame her for stuff. They literally brought so much of what happened to them down upon themselves for what they did to her. I also thought they were incredibly stupid and naive for thinking Maeve was helping them resurrect Enzo, just for their sake. They were so blind to see Maeve was going to use Enzo to take over and control Kenettra. 
  • Teren definitely got some payback for all the backstabbing and horrors he did and caused!

*Spoilers regarding events in The Rose Society From Here*

Thoughts & Questions Going Into The Midnight Star:
  • Will Violetta forgive Adelina for what she did to her at the end of The Rose Society?
  • Will Adelina heed Violetta's warning from the note regarding the powers and them destroying the elites?
  • Is Adelina going to give into the voices in her head and let them guide her even though they are all about her doing everything for herself and not trusting anyone? Or will she learn to lean on Magiano and her elites and actually do whats best for everyone not just for her?
  • It seems like Adelina is going to conquer other countries in The Midnight Star. How does she see this as being any different than what Maeve was trying to do by getting her hooks in Kenettra? I'm confused as to how this is any different. 
  • Is the note about the elites power and what it will do to them the reason the Roses and Daggers team up in The Midnight Star or is it something else entirely? 
  • Will we get to see Adelina and Magiano get together? Cuz out of all the potential options for her romantic relationships, I like him the best.

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