Red Queen Read-Along Update

The Red Queen Read-Along is being hosted here at Hope, Faith & Books. It's a low stress way to read Red Queen while not interupting our other reading schedules. We're coming up on the end of week 2 this upcoming Monday, in which we'll have read up through chapter 14 so far.

In case anyone needs a reminder, this is the schedule:
  • April 2nd-9th (Week 1): Chapters 1-7
  • April 10th-16th (Week 2): Chapters 8-14
  • April 17th-23rd (Week 3): Chapters 15-21
  • April 24th-30th (Week 4): Chapters 22-28

As of Friday the 13th, I officially got through chapter 14. So I'm currently on schedule so far!

My thoughts:
I have to say, I'm definitely enjoying the story so far. I'm actually pleasantly surprised! I wasn't expecting to be pulled into this world as quick as I was. I was hooked right from the first chapter. I'm actually having trouble pacing myself with the book. It's been such a nice, easier read for me that I actually almost kept reading past chapter 14 without realizing it. But I caught myself and I'm staying with the schedule. 

Things I like so far:
  • The world building! I love the details we're getting about things! Such as during the queenstrial, we learned all about the fascinating variety of powers the silver families had. I was surprised at how many there were and how they all varied in ways from one another. 
  • Mare! I like how she is a strong character. You see her doing so much to protect and help the people she loves and cares about. Even if that means acting weak in the eyes of the royals and playing along with their little game. 

Questions I currently have:
  • What caused the whole silver/red blood thing?
  • Is Mare really 100% red and just happened to get a power or is there some silver unknown to anyone else in her after all?
  • Why is her power so different in almost every way to the silvers powers?

So far I'm loving the book and can't wait to dive back in this upcoming week! :D


  1. I'm actually not sure if we'll ever get an answer to your first question (what caused the red/silver blood thingy), even though I want to know that too. I have the feeling it won't be expalined or at least not in the first book.

    I can't wait to know more about where Mare's power is coming from.

    I'm so glad we can enjoy this book at the same time, thank you for hosting this read-along, Brittani!!

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found

    1. Right! I definitely feel like that question isn't gonna be answered for a while. Definitely! I'm super interested in her power and its origin. Definitely hope we learn more about it in the second half of the book!

      Yes!!! No problem! I'm quite enjoying having other people to read it with! :D


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