Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stacking The Shelves [#17]

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews as a way to share all the books we got during the week!

*Sorry if I look really unenthusiastic and not caring in the video... I'm having a really rough day so it's really hard for me to even force a smile right now.*

Borrowed From A Friend (Not In Video):
Thanks NetGalley & Macmillian!
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  1. Can't wait for Crewel and Eve and Adam! Really want to read Rift too.

  2. I got Crewel on Netgalley too i'm so excited :).
    I saw Eve and Adam in a lot of Stacking the shelves posts today I really need to know more about this book.
    Happy reading !

  3. Seems like there are some interesting books on NetGalley that I didn't notice before. Hope you love all your new books. Happy reading!

    - Chel
    The Procrastinator's Corner

  4. I have Crewel as well. You got some great books!

    I hope there was nothing serious for you to have a rough day and that you have a better day tomorrow. =(

    New follower.

    My STS =)

  5. I've had Incarceron in my TBR for ages I really should read it because it sounds awesome. Great haul - enjoy!

  6. Geez; I feel like the only person who didn't get Eve & Adam! (I guess I need to go to netgalley sometime soon! LOL!! I've been too distracted lately...)

    Come see what's new On my Shelves this week!

  7. I got Eve & Adam too! I've heard great things about this one, so I am hoping it lives up to the hype! I have seen alot of people with Crewel lol.

    Happy Reading!
    Tabby @Insightful Minds
    Check out my - Stacking the Shelves :)

  8. I really loved Chime! That book and The Near Witch were both really great. I want Eve and Adam so bad!! Good haul! Here's what I got this week:

  9. I tried reading Incarceron and could not, for the life of me, get into it. It was just really dull and confusing for me. I barely got past the first third before I put it down for something else. Maybe you'll have better luck?
    I've heard really wonderful things about Chime. I'll have to wait for your review to see what you think of it too.

  10. Awesome haul this week! I just got Crewel in the mail from a friend so it'll be in my next StS post. I'm sorry you were having a bad day, but I don't think you seemed uncaring in the video!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently--I'm sorry I haven't commented here lately. I've been so behind and I'm just now responding to your comment from over a week ago! Ack! One of these days I'll get caught up.

    I hope your week is going better and check out my upcoming His Dark Materials Readalong and Giveaway if you want! ;)


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