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So this is what I've treated myself to since starting my job. I was super stoked to find The Cruel Prince B&N edition in stores again, so I grabbed a copy so it matches my Wicked King and soon to be released Queen of Nothing. 

I had to grab a copy of this and it was only $5.99 for kindle at release! 

Ok guys, I know I've been absent since I started my job essentially. It wasn't on purpose. It's just with my schedule its really thrown off things. I used to do all my blogging on Friday or Saturday and now I work both days so it's just hardcore thrown everything off. But on the brightside, working for Amazon is going really well. I'm one of the few people that's been cross trained multiple times. I know 6 things in my department now. most people only know 2, maybe 3. My manager has a lot of confidence in me since I learn really quick. So I'm one of the super versatile people for my shift. I actually spent Friday bouncing between 4 areas they needed help on. Honestly guys. I really love working for Amazon. They are giving me so much opportunity there to learn so many new skills and potentially move up. I've even trained people already. I'm actually gonna talk to my manager about becoming a learning ambassador after peak so I can train people more often. 

This job has also just been a huge help in general. They actually offer really good health insurance at a good price for me and Ana so I no longer have a huge stressor about our insurance. It covers a lot and the deductibles aren't super high either. So that's really nice. I was also able to replace my phone. My G6 was glitching hardcore and almost actually completely died twice. So I was able to just pay it off and get a new one. I ended up switching back to an iPhone. So I have an iPhone 11 now. But omg. Night and day with how well this phone works compared to the G6. Completely worth switching back. AND!!!!! I finally got a new car! After two years of not having a car I finally have my own car again. It's a 2013 Toyota Camry. I freaking love it! And it is AMAZING on gas. Which is great considering I drive 20 miles on the freeway to the other side of town for work, one way. So technically 40 miles both ways. I'm so happy this job has made it where I can afford to replace the things I needed now. The car thing especially has been a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. 

Anyways, I'm hoping to get back to blogging more now that I'm more used to my schedule now and I don't need all the extra sleep on my days off. LOL. It still might be a bit sporadic between thanksgiving and Christmas with peak and mandatory OT for work, but I'm hoping to be on here more again. 

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