Unknown Read-Along: Final Update

Woo! Getting this one up on time! Success! :D It's been a lot of fun rereading one of my favorite series!


My Thoughts While Rereading Undone
  • I loved the growth we got from so many characters in this final book! Especially Remy. She grew from the naive girl who believed everyone was trying to help and not bad to learning who the enemy was and using her place within them to her advantage to help her friends destroy them
  • I also loved the Linette kept better control of herself in order to not get in trouble with the Baelese and to help contact the group in Alaska when the opportunity arose. Same with Tater. He didn't like not being able to fight back but he controlled himself to try and stay out of trouble. 
  • No matter how many times I read it, I still absolutely love Amber and Rylen finally getting married. After all the hiding or ignoring their feelings for each other they finally got their happy ending together! I love them together so much. 
  • The Baelese definitely deserved what they got with their defeat. Trying to make the human population like their population. The Baelese and humans are two different species and trying to control who they reproduce with, when they reproduce and to try and make all one race would never have worked. Human biology is what it is. We want who we want and we'll definitely have sex when we want. Not some rare planned time. And the fact we have different races is what makes us unique. Not to mention it would take many generations to even achieve the entire population being one race to begin with. 
  • I loved how Rylen got his cousin back. He was always so protective of her and it was nice seeing him get one piece of his family back after the rest of it was destroyed. I also thoroughly enjoyed Amber and Rylen's happy ending with Amber being able to conceive since the Baelese didn't completely destroy her reproductive system with their "vaccine". 
  • I also loved how Tater and Remy got together and adopted the two kids whose parents the Baelese killed and then had Remy and Tater look after. It was so sweet. Especially since the "vaccine" did completely destroy Remy's reproductive system. So this was the next best ending for her. Adopting the orphaned kids she cared for since she wouldn't be able to have kids of her own. 
  • The ending is such a tear jerker. Going back for Amber's moms car that they had to abandon at the end of Unknown. Her parents were gone, but she was still able to go back for one thing that held memories and meaning to her of her parents. It was a beautiful way to end the story. 
  • After rereading all 3 books, I definitely have a new understanding of many events and happenings. It really helped with my enjoying it again and with a better idea of everything!! 


  1. I have a lovely, signed print copy of Unknown from the author which I got at NOLAStorycon in Sept 2016 but I haven't managed to read it. Hopefully someday soon. Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. No way!!!! That is so cool! I'd love to have a signed copy of Unknown!!! Hopefully you get to it someday in the near future! I love the Unknown Trilogy! :)


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