The Young Elites Read-Along: Final Update & Wrap-Up

The read-along for The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu is hosted here @ Hope, Faith & Books!

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  • June 1st-10th: The Young Elites
  • June 11th-20th: The Rose Society
  • June 21st-30th: The Midnight Star

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I finished The Midnight Star on the 27th. I feel torn honestly. While the book definitely wasn't bad, I feel like it wasn't the best ending in my opinion. I loved that it had a much faster pace and didn't drag things out. I just feel like the end took something away from the trilogy as a whole. 

*Spoilers for The Midnight Star ahead*
My Thoughts On The Midnight Star & The Trilogy As A Whole:
  • I love that one of my questions from the last update was answered. We find out why the Roses and the Daggers team up. And while it is partially because of the issue with their powers, its because of something else that they work together really. They find out that them having their powers is because of a much larger thing and that they shouldn't have them at all. There's a crack in the space between the worlds and the power and death of the Underworld is seeping into and killing the real world. They realize the only way to stop this and their declining health issues is to seal this crack by giving up their powers. So while issue is there, its not the main reason.
  • I didn't like Adelina as much in this. She let the darkness consume too much of her. She started listening to the voices in her head and started doubting the people who didn't betray her and have stood by her all along. They even contaminated her thoughts when she knew things she was hearing and seeing were true. They made her into a stubborn fool that fought tooth and nail to not believe the truth until she literally had no other choice. While I like dark Adelina, this was just too dark. 
  • It bugged me so much that Adelina and Violetta were so stubborn about forgiving each other and just being sisters again. Violetta was freaking dying. And they both were going to face the goddess of death herself. But you can't put your differences aside and forgive each other and spend what could be your last days with each other on good terms? Yeah. Ok. 
  • I feel like Adelina trading places with Violetta at the end so Violetta could live was kinda a slap in the face. I get it, this is supposed to be Adelina's redemption for all the darkness and stuff she did. But this series was built around her. We grew to want to see her overcome her darkness, we wanted to see her be happy with Magiano, we wanted to see her rule as an equal person, not someone using their powers to keep the crown. Everything was built around Adelina and we don't get to see an ending with her or anything we wanted closer on. We end up with Violetta instead. It felt like a slap in the face to build around Adelina and then throw us the ending with Violetta instead. Especially since there was so much we could have got with Adelina for an ending. 
  • I thought Teren had a good ARC for what little we get of him in the series. After all that happens to him, he finally gets his own form of redemption for his gods. He goes out fighting to protect the Roses and the Daggers and to give up his power to be "pure" again. 

Overall, I thought The Young Elites Trilogy was good. The Midnight Star was my least favorite honestly, with The Rose Society being my favorite of the series. But overall, it was good. I'd give the trilogy as a whole 4 stars. 

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