Discussion: Subjects & Interests That Attract Me To Books

So for this topic, I have to give my wonderful fiance credit! I was talking to him about discussion post ideas and he tossed this idea out. So thanks babe! :)

Subjects & Interests That Attract Me To Books

So we all have certain things that peak our interests in certain books. Here are some of mine!

1. Space
I love space! It's always been a huge interest of mine. Planets, stars, etc. It really fascinates me. I even do research on it in my spare time. If I was better at math, you can bet I'd be trying to get a degree in Astronomy or something similar. But anyways, I just love a good book set in space! There's just something so fascinating about exploring a planet or star that's not your own! One of my favorite space series is the Across The Universe series by Beth Revis!

2. Edgar Allen Poe/Mythology
Ok, I'm a serious sucker for Edgar Allan Poe or mythology retellings. Retellings usually aren't my favorites, but I can't help picking up ones based on these. I like the darker tones of Edgar Allan Poe retellings and I love the modern day takes on mythological retellings!

3. Anything Dystopia or Post-Apocalyptic
As you guys can probably tell from me hosting this years Dystopia Reading Challenge, I love the genre! It's my absolute favorite. You give me a book that's dystopia or post-apocalyptic, I'll for sure be checking it out. I just love the worlds built in these types of books and they always keep me interested!

4. Vikings
This is a newer interest for me, but its definitely growing! I really loved Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young and I'm enjoying the The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell. I'm super interested in finding more viking themed books!

5. Steampunk
I find steampunk super cool. I love the unique technologies and ideas in steampunk novels. I also quite enjoy when its mixed with another genre or theme I might not normally read! Such as Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. Its steampunk mixed with world wars. I loved Scott Westerfeld books, but I'm not as interested in war books. But the steampunk elements he put in Leviathan made it incredibly interesting!

What subjects/interests attract you to certain books? Do you have any good recommendations for my interests?? Lets chat! :)


  1. YES to dystopias! I’m feeling slightly burnt out on them right now, but that’s happened before, and I always end up going back to them. It’s one of my favorite genres.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. YES!!! I LOVE dystopias! I'm the same way! Once in a while I'll get burnt out on them but I ALWAYS come back to them! They are my absolute fave!!! :D

  2. What are some good Poe retellings? I don't think I've seen many at all.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. My favorite Poe related books are the Nevermore series by Kelly Creagh! I seriously cannot get enough of those! There's also the Red Death duology by Bethany Griffin. She also wrote The Fall (based on the fall of the house of usher) but I haven't read that one yet.

  3. I'll have to check out Nevermore. Thanks for the rec!


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