So I've been thinking a lot about how my reading and blogging habits have changed since I started this blog. So I'm finally putting that into words!

How My Reading/Blogging Has Evolved Since 2011!

Ok, keep in mind I was on hiatus during 2016 & most of 2017. So when I mention before, its refering to 2011-2015ish. 

So here we go. 

1. My Reading Interests/Habits

So when I started this blog, I did it to review Young Adult books. They were my love and focus in 2011, and they stayed my focus until I went on hiatus. Since I've come back though, I've found myself being interested in New Adult and Adult as well. So my YA blog has become more of an eclectic blog. But I have no problem with this! I feel like I got lucky when I named my blog Hope, Faith & Books since it didn't scream I READ YA, so this change isn't a big deal.

I've also stopped stressing about reading a certain amount of books a week or reading very specific books I've chosen previously. Sure I have a pile of books I want to get to soon, but I'm not forcing myself to read them. I'm reading what I feel like reading. And I'm enjoying reading more because of it!

2. Reading/Blogging Challenges


I used to sign up for a lot of challenges, like 10+. And I ended up failing a bunch of them. Now I've been trying to choose them more wisely. So this year I've only signed up for 6 challenges. Most I chose intentionally, a few for fun. But the best part is a lot work with each other! A fair amount of my books count for multiple challenges! They are:

3. Fear of Hosting Things

So I used to wanna co-host or host things back in like 2012-2013 but I was always so scared of it and never did it. I finally have got over that fear. At the end of last year, Tracy @ Cornerfolds, the previous host of the Dystopia Reading Challenge announced she wouldn't be hosting it again, but had not found anyone to take it over. After debating on whether to offer to take it over for a few days, I finally got up the nerve and emailed her and offered.

And as you can tell, I did. And you know what, I'm glad I got over that fear! I'm hosting the challenge for my favorite genre of books! I'm enjoying it! And because of it, I'm also hosting a few read-alongs along with the challenge. The first read-along actually starts in a week, it's linked on the sidebar! And I'm a lot more open to the idea of co-hosting things with others as well!

*sidenote, I was going for a different gif but the whovian in me saw this one*

4. Posting & Commenting

I always felt like I needed to get posts up. I felt like if I didn't get so many reviews posted a week, certain memes done every week that I was failing my followers. I've calmed a lot. I post when I want. The only thing I can guarantee you is scheduled every week is the New Releases post. But that's cuz I like my followers knowing what's out every week. Plus it helps me keep track. But now, I post a top ten or a can't wait Wednesday when I want. Not every week. I also don't stress about reviews. I'm honestly happy if I get one up during the week. I no longer feel pressure to review 3-4 books every week.

I've also worked on the commenting. I actually was really bad with comments before. I would do a lot of commenting on hops, but never commented back on my own stuff. Now, I make it a priority to reply to everyone who comments on my posts. And then go and visit their posts and other peoples. I also suck at commenting on reviews and discussions. So one of my big goals this year is getting better at commenting on those and talking more with other bloggers! :)


5. Followers & ARC's

Ok, I admit it. Before, I was stressed out about not having enough followers. I was always concerned my count wasn't going up fast enough. I was definitely jealous of those with tons more followers than me. But since I've come back. It doesn't bother me. Do I like having people follow me? Sure I do. Who doesn't? But am I concerned? No. I'm happy when I get a few new genuine followers here and there. You know why? Because they saw that they liked my posts and wanted to follow. I'd rather have genuine followers than tons who follow just for a giveaway and unfollow later. 

ARC's. I also used to be one of those people that requested tons on NetGalley. I ended up with a bunch of books I didn't get to, a lot of overlapping release dates, and stress. Now, I have 8 current books for review before release. 1 in April, 2 in May, 2 in June, 2 in July and 1 in September. That is much more manageable. I can definitely manage 2 review books a month. And I'm glad I got my requesting under control on there. I never got into requesting a bunch of physical ARC's. But I'm holding to my idea of only trying to request ones I REALLY REALLY want a physical copy of.

So tell me, how has your reading and blogging evolved?


  1. My reading and blogging has changed, too. I read a lot more, and my reading is a lot more eclectic. For my first two years of blogging, I was so bad at commenting! I’d read other people’s blogs, but I was too scared to comment on them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yes! My reading becoming more eclectic is definitely one of the biggest changes. I totally understand the commenting. I only commented on a few blogs my first year. And it was mostly ones my first blogger friend introduced me too. It took some time to get the courage to comment on a lot of other blogs.

  2. Seems like you've made some great strides in your blogging. I feel like my reading and blogging have both changed a lot in the years I've been doing it. Growing and changing keeps things interesting!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thanks! I definitely agree! If no growth or change happens, it can get a bit boring. I think its' important to grow and both a reader and a blogger if you've been doing it for years. I mean, reading tastes change as you get older. Your writing and blogging style change. Growth and change is good and interesting!! :)

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