Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA 2013 Day 2: Blogger Development

So today's topics are blogger development and genre fiction!

Blogger Development

So I guess I wanna start with the things I've kinda expanded my horizons on. So when I first started out I didnt really know anything about html or coding or anything remotely revolving around that. So I have really expanded my horizons on that and I'm still learning more (theres still html related things I wanna learn to do). Like how to make a blog roll (you know, one of those things with pictures that moves). Ya that thing! I still cant figure it out!!!! Lol

Now lets see. Have I branched out into my community?? If you mean like am I a part of a book club or something. No. Have I reached out to other awesome people that love books and talked to them about them? Yes. I've made a few new friends lately in my church that love books (and YA books at that)! So I'm slowly reaching out to others who I previously wouldn't have before so that counts for something right? I have recently decided I wanna partner with some other bloggers to do some fun things. Like maybe a read-a-thon or something. That would be just so much fun to plan!!! 

So I've been blogging for almost 2 years, so I feel like I can consider myself starting to be a long-term blogger (cuz I don't plan on giving up the blogging any time soon!) so I definitely wanna talk about how my online personality has developed. I used to be really shy when I first started blogging. I've really grown with that. I love getting involved in conversations now. I love commenting and I love chatting with people on Twitter (especially during Twitter Chats!!). I've just really got over my shyness with the blogging community just because everyone is so nice and easy to talk to! You all rock you know that? I've also really developed my review style. I used to only do maybe a 2 paragraph review before. But as I've been blogging longer and longer I've come to figure out that with the way I like to talk about certain things and aspects of a book I end up writing a really good 3-4 paragraph review. And I'm ok with that. Its how I like to write them and explain what I loved or didn't love about a book. But I've really grown in how I do that now. So I'm really happy with that as well. But I also know I'll still continue to grow.

Genre Fiction

I love love love Dystopians! So I have a serious soft spot for them! I cant just not read a dystopian if I get one. I love the worlds created in them! I love the unique circumstances in them. I love how the characters adapt to those circumstances and grow with them. I just love a good dystopian! 

I also love Contemporary books! Especially the ones that deal with real life issues, like suicide, depression and other mental illnesses. Those books really bring light to issues that people are usually ashamed to even mention. Those books show those people that its ok to have a problem as long as you deal with it in the right way and not a deadly bad way. I'll admit it. I suffer from depression. And it really makes me happy to see an author tackle a subject like that. Its a hard one to deal with but those authors that write about it really brings it to light and when I read books with characters dealing with like depression I can really relate to those issue those characters are dealing with. And it also shows other readers what symptoms of that illness are, or how something they could have done or not done has affected someone in a positive or negative way in regards to their illness. I just have so much respect for the authors that aren't afraid to tackle a serious issue. Though don't get me wrong. I do love a fluffy light and fun contemporary as well. 

Last but not least. My absolute weakness. I love me some Zombie books!!!!! I cant resist them. I hear the word Zombie and its like "I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!" I just love me a great Zombie novel.

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