So todays topic is networking. We all know I'm great about it online! Lol! In real life well... That's a different story! But it's not for my lack of trying!

So the farthest my local networking goes is me going to the library on a weekly basis!... With my best friend... Or shopping at my local indie store... Again with my best friend(s)! Lol. I do donate books to the library sometimes and I love what my Indie store does! You bring books down there and they look through them to see what they can use and you get trade credit for them, which you can use for other books! Beyond that though.. my networking is online. I know a few book bloggers live here in Arizona like me... but the problem with it is I'm in Tucson. Most of the people I know live in Northern Arizona and I live in Southern Arizona! And I never have to gas money to travel even around Tucson half the time let alone to go to Northern AZ! Being broke sucks! I also know a ton of bloggers who live in Cali and I'd love to travel there and meet and hang out with you guys since its only a 6-8 hour drive for me to most places in Cali from where I am but I'm broke!!! AHHHH!!!!!!

Though, if anyone lives in San Diego (I know one blogger who does) I am going on a road trip in a few weeks there with some friends and I'd love to meet up if you want! I'll be there probably on the 20th or the 21st. The 21st for sure but I think the plan is to get there sometime midday on the 20th. But plans are being worked out still so if anyone wants to hang while I'm there I'll keep you in the loop! (And since I know people are wondering how it's being paid for since I'm talking about how I don't have the money to go anywhere, a good part of it is being paid for through my besties graduation gifts(Congrats on Graduating Bestie), the trip is kind of her big graduation gift from multiple people (me included, since we're taking my car, Lol.))

Oh, and another problem with living in Tucson... Authors I know of and like rarely come here! It sucks! I've missed out on some awesome signings and what not because they were all in different cities in AZ and I cant afford driving to other cities yet! ARGH! (I really need a good paying job, Lol) Dear Authors, would you mind coming to Tucson more for signings and events?!?!?!, I'd love you forever (not that I don't already) if you did! :D

But I don't think its bad even if you can only network online most of the time. Because I've had a blast getting to know you guys through tweeting, comments, Facebook... I have made some friends in you guys that I wouldn't give up for anything (even if it takes years to finally meet some of you in person!) Lol! (Oh, and if some of you guys that I talk to a lot wanna add me on Facebook as a friend (and not just like the blogs page) tell me and I'll definitely make it happen! I already chat with a few of you on Facebook and I'd love to talk to more of you! :)

So ya.. Thats my thoughts on Networking (In Real Life) and Online! Lol! 


  1. Doesn't Tucson have a big book festival? Yes, I think they do! Go to it! Meet people there! I know there's a ton of Arizona book bloggers, some of them have to be somewhere near your area, right? Keep looking! :)

    1. Ya, I wanted to go to the Tucson Festival of Books because Ellen Hopkins was going to be there, along with Jessi Kirby I think but I had plans that weekend already! It was such a bummer!!! Definitely going to go to it next year though!!!

  2. Have you been on twitter? I love to meet authors that way.

    Thanks for participating!

    Here's my networking post



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