Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 1: Road Trip!

I'm finally doing my week one post for the Sweet Evil Read Along, which is hosted by Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads!

So first my thoughts on this weeks reading. *slaps self* Can someone please tell me why I took so long to start reading this?!?!?! After getting through the first few pages which I honestly found kinda boring I got hooked! The first 9 chapters were over before I knew it. All I can say is Anna is definitely a special girl with how shes half angel, half demon. And Kaidan. Mmmm. Definitely want more of Kaidan! Lol. :D

So this weeks theme is Road Trip!!! So I have decided to make my Road Trip Playlist. Now this playlist is completely based of the music me and my bestie Jeff are going to listen to on our Road Trip near the beginning of 2013! So this playlist was actually compiled by the both of us so I'm giving us both credit for it!


1. Young by Kenny Chesney
2. My Best Friend by Tim McGraw
3. How Do You Like Me Now? by Toby Keith
4. Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts (Come on, Road Trip, Highway, No Brainer. Lol)
5. Amazed by Lonestar

Ok, thats just a little sample of the country. We both absolutely love country music so we will have a ton of it. I just picked a few random artists we both like from my country playlist on Spotify.

Rock/Rock Pop

1. Payphone by Maroon 5
2. Whispers In The Dark by Skillet
3. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train
4. Nothing by The Script
5. Only One by Yellowcard

We also love our Rock music. At one point, we didnt even realize it, but we both had Payphone as our ringtone at the same time. It was funny. But it totally showed how alike we are in our music taste. 


1. With You by Chris Brown
2. Headlines by Drake
3. Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown
4. I Love U by Chris Brown
5. As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber
6. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
7. The Sky Is The Limit by Jason DeRulo
8. Break My Bank by New Boyz
9. Scream by Usher
10. Forever by Chris Brown

So ya.. That one was kinda long. And I can explain that. Lol. Jeff has a Chris Brown obsession (and yes I tell him he has issues for it, but hes my bestie and I wouldn't want him any other way.). And becuz he listens to Chris Brown so much around me now he's got me listening to CB a bunch. Lol. Then theirs Bieber. So me and Jeff are closet Bieber fans. Lol. We have only admitted that to each other, in private conversations because our other friends would give us so much BS for it if they knew. And then New Boyz. Jeff loves his New Boyz. Plain and simple. It wouldn't be a Road Trip without him playing a New Boyz song and singing along to it.

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  1. I love this playlist! Nice mix!!! I love that you love it so far. :)


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