Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Join The Army Of Ten!

 So Gretchen McNeil started this really awesome Street Team to promote her upcoming book Ten! Now I'm really excited to read Ten so when I heard about The Army Of Ten I knew had to sign up! 

Now of course, there's incentive to sign up for The Army Of Ten! You can earn ranks such as Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Major, General.. And there's even a Special Ops rank too! By completing the tasks assigned to each rank you can also earn medals, also known as prizes!!! Yes prizes! And if you can complete the General Rank then you might even get your name mentioned in the Acknowledgements of Gretchen's next book, 3:59 coming out next year!!

Has this interested you yet? Yes! Well, then click on the button to go to The Army Of Ten Page (or just click that link, either one) and sign up!

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