Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. It was created due to their love of lists.

This weeks topic is:
Rewind - Pick any past topic you want... So mine is Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs

1. Literary Exploration - I love checking out Anna's blog! She writes awesome reviews and she also recommends really good books! I know if a book gets a good recommendation from her that its a book worth checking out on my end and they end up being books I usually enjoy as well! You have an awesome blog Anna!!

2. Books 4 Juliet - April is one of my best blogger friends! She has a freakin amazing blog! We have the same taste in reading material and I absolutely love reading and comparing our thoughts on books we've both read! Not to mention one you get to know April as a person you grow to love her as well as her blog!

3. Better Read Than Dead - Kristin has a pretty amazing blog as well! We share pretty similar tastes in books also. What I love about Kristin's blog though is that while I love reading her reviews on books I've read and comparing thoughts about them, I like that I can find some books I probably would have never heard of or thought about reading until I saw them on her blog!

4. Sash & Em - This is one of the blogs I've followed pretty much since I started blogging! I don't really have any specific reasons for theirs being one of my faves except for the fact that I just love checking out their blog! Lol. They just have a seriously awesome blog!

5. Rather Be Reading - I love this blog! I met Magan through being her secret santa last year. After becoming her secret santa and discovering hers and Estelle's blog I fell in love with it. They both write fantastic reviews and do some pretty awesome joint book reports. 

6. Parajunkee's View - I love love love this blog! I first came across it when I started participating in Feature and Follow Friday. But now I have to check it out often because I absolutely love seeing what Rachel reviews. 

7. The Reader Lines - Lis is another one of my best blogger friends. She is another person I share the same taste in reading with. And I love this new things she's been doing called Cast-Ing. :)

8. The Broke and The Bookish - I love the girls over there! They seriously come up with the best top ten topics ever! I also love how they have such eclectic tastes! 

9. Reading Angel - I love checking out Angela's blog! First of all, she has the Page Count Contest which I find is a lot of fun (even though I've been slacking on participating lately). Its also a lot of fun to watch her vlogs too! And I just love her blog in general!!! :)

10. Fuzzy.Coffee.Books - Courtney has such an awesome blog! I love reading her reviews! She separates what she talks about between what she likes about the book and then another paragraph about what she doesn't like. She makes really arguments for each and I have to say I agree with her most of the time. I can read some of her reviews and think "hey, I noticed that too. Why didn't I talk about that?" and tons of other stuff like that.

If you guys haven't checked out any of these blogs I highly suggest you do so! :)


  1. I'm bookmarking your page so I can come back and check out the book sites I've not seen before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Warm Fuzzies! Thanks again for this, Brittani!

  3. Ah...you are so sweet Brittani! Thank you so much for including Better Read Than Dead in your top ten! I love your blog also!

  4. Thank you Brittani!!! It means a lot to be in your list!!!
    You rock, girl!!

  5. This is a nice thing to wake up to Brittani! I am flattered. Thank you so much for featuring us! You are so sweet! You know we love you and your blog! Mwuaaah!


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