Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Friday [#5]

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Its a way to get out there and meet new bloggers and discover new blogs. :)

Q. It's that pesky magic book fairy again! She has another wish: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

I'd like to make the Faery world from Wicked Lovely a reality, without the wars between courts of course. It would be kind of fun to just frolic in the faery courts dancing and whatnot a lot of the time. It'd be a nice break from reality wouldn't it?

I also think it'd be cool if the wolf world from Nightshade were a reality. Well, without the strict rules. If the rules were a little more laid back it'd be cool to have that world as a reality. 
Book Blogger Hop
Q. As a book blogger, how do you introduce yourself in your profile?

Well. I start off with introducing myself and writing a bit about me. I think its important that people kind of get a sense of the person behind the blog personally and not just book related. I think its important for people to at least get to know the basics about that person. You know, where you live (US/UK etc), maybe your job if you like sharing that or if you don't have a job what you'd like to study in college etc. That's what I have on mine. I also like to let them know some of my fave things. You never know if you'll make a new blogger friend whose interested in the same things as you besides books. I also like to share a few fun facts because it just lets you know a few random but fun things about the person behind the blog. Like on mine. I have my fave colors, and if you read what they are then you realize why I chose the color orange for my blog. Lol.

Just so everyone knows, Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Jen at Crazy-For-Books


  1. Hi there, Brittani! I'm Ree from and I'm stopping by to poke around your blog via the Blogger Hop. I'm now following you on twitter! :)

  2. New Follower! I haven't read Wicked Lovely, sounds good.

  3. New follower via Book Blogger Hop hoping you will follow back at thks in advance x

  4. Haven't read the Wicked Lovely series but it's sounds interesting. New follower! Happy Friday!
    Here's mine:

  5. You have a great profile! I started my blog for the same reason. Stopping by via the hop!


    Curled Up With a Good Book and a Cup of Tea

    Faith Filled Reading, my new Christian book blog

  6. Hi there, new follower here, love your blog! :)

    Great answers by the way - that would be an awesome good time.

    Here's mine:

  7. Your profile is beautiful and I love when I read a young person professing to love Christ.

  8. This week’s Book Blogger Hop really threw me a curveball.

    That’s because I don’t call myself a book blogger. I never even considered myself a book blogger. Sure I blog about books and book-related topics week after week. But for some reason I never saw the label of “book blogger” applying to me.

    If you’re wondering why then please hop on over to my blog and find out –

    Howard Sherman

  9. I agree - I like knowing some of the personal stuff behind the blog author. As much as I love to just read and talk about books, it's always fun to get a hint of a blogger's personality, too. Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  10. I love your blog title and your design...I think I use the same design on my blog LOL Thanks for the amazing tip on the profile as I'm horrified about writing profiles, I just never know what to write to stay relevant on what I'm writing it for :(

    New follower too ;)

  11. I recently changed my profile to reflect the fact I'm almost done with library school. Please come and read my new introduction.


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