Friday, September 16, 2011

BBAW 2011: Blogging

It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011. Each year in September BBAW comes around to acknowledge and celebrate the work book bloggers do. Each day this week there will be a topic to blog about.

Today's Topic Is: Blogging
"The world of blogging is continually changing. Share 3 things you are essential tried and true practices for every blogger and 1-3 new trends or tools you’ve adapted recently or would like to in the future." 
1. Blog because you wanna blog, not because you have to.
I started my book blog because I wanted to share my love of books with others and it also gave me a way to keep track of what I've read (once I catch up on reviews of books I've already read) and what I thought of them. I also just like to share my thoughts with people. I'm the person my friends (those who like to read) come to a lot to find a good book from and get suggestions from. Lol. Its kinda funny, my best friend all the time is like "I wanna read all your books" "I'm totally borrowing those series from you when your done reading them." Its funny. But ya, blog because its something you wanna do, not something you feel like your forced to do. You wont enjoy it if you feel like your forced to do it. 

2. Blog when you feel like it
You don't have to blog everyday. Blog when you feel you need to blog. Yes, some people do blog everyday or every other day because that's what they like to do. I personally blog almost everyday. I blog on meme days (the ones I participate in) because almost every week I have something to share in the memes. I also blog whenever I have a review obviously. Lol. But that's not every day. Yeah, sometimes it ends up I write a review maybe on the day I'd be taking off from blogging but it happens. I like to get my reviews up soon after I finish a book because if I don't my thoughts about the book will continue to eat at me until I write them down. Lol. But yeah, blog when you want to. Its your blog, blog at your own pace. No one can judge you on that. 

3. Keep track of your books
I know it sounds like a "well, obviously" statement but seriously. Keep track of your books, your bookshelf books, your wishlist (keep it updated as you get or find new books), your read shelf and you to be read shelf. I use goodreads to keep track of my books. I have different shelves to keep track of different things. My biggest shelf is my to be read shelf. Its always getting updated. Also, connected to that shelf is my wishlist, I have to update this one since my bday but it helps you keep track of the books you don't have and want to read and whether you've got them or not assuming you keep your list updated. Lol.

Twitter: Definitely twitter. Its like the easiest way to follow authors, fellow bloggers etc and keep up with what their doing. Not to mention twitter is fairly easy to use. I love using twitter for my blog. It keeps the people who follow me on their instead of google friend connect in the loop and you can even mention people in tweets. You can give a shout out to your fave author or to your fellow bloggers (I've done both). In fact I mentioned Andrea Cremer in a tweet about how much I love Nightshade and she mentioned me in a tweet and thanked me for it. Simple things like that can make your day.


  1. Must. Get. Better. At. Twitter! That's my take-home advice from this week, among other things. I'm clearly missing out on all the fun by only watching the conversation and not actually joining in much!

    I especially love your tip #2. It took me a long time to let myself NOT blog everyday. I was worried if I let myself skip days, the breaks would get longer and longer and eventually I'd stop posting. But I'm finding my love for being a part of the community won't let that happen! Blogging is a habit now, and I've let myself relax a bit. It's much more fun now.

  2. Lots of good advice! I definitely need to remind myself to blog because I want to quite a bit.

    Alison at The Cheap Reader

  3. I agree with keeping track of what you read. My wish list is often very disorganized, but I at least like remembering what I have read!


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