Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cover vs. Cover [#6]

Cover vs. Cover & US vs. UK are weekly memes hosted by a number of different people, I found out about it from As These Pages Fly. Its about comparing different covers of the same book.

I haven't done a Cover vs Cover for almost a month now, but i feel like doing one this week so here it goes.

This weeks covers are:
                   The US Cover                                                                  The UK Cover

So this week I choose to compare the cover of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Now to start off, I really like both of these covers. I like how on the US cover the girl just seems to be looking off in the distance as if she's thinking about something. I also like the wood pieces for the title and the author. On the UK cover I like how its just the girl sitting there, with no specific background and how on that cover it looks pretty cool when she looks more directly at something. I also like the font for the title on the UK cover. Over all I really like both these covers and I cant choose which one I like more. I'm going with a tie on this one.

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