Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cover vs. Cover [#5]

Cover vs. Cover & US vs. UK are weekly memes hosted by a number of different people, I found out about it from As These Pages Fly. Its about comparing different covers of the same book.

This weeks covers are:
        The US Cover                                                                                      The UK Cover

I like both these covers. I like the black, red and white scheme on the UK cover. I also like how they have the one heart red and the way they did the title. It looks cool. I also like the saying on the front. On the US cover I like the white and blue scheme. I like how they have different shades of blue. I really like how in the background they have a wolf. I honestly like the US cover more. Yes, the UK cover is nice too but I feel like the wolf in the background of the US cover brings out more of what the story is about. So my choice is the US cover.

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