Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cover vs. Cover [#1]

Cover vs. Cover & US vs. UK are weekly memes hosted by a number of different people, I found out about it from As These Pages Fly. Its about comparing different covers of the same book.

This weeks covers are:

                The US Cover                                                                The UK Cover

I like both of these covers. I love how on the US cover they show the perfect skin and the flash tattoos of the specials. I also like how it has more color to it. I like how the UK cover shows different pics in the body of the girl but I felt like they could have put more on the cover. I liked how both versions had a saying on the front (the pic of the US one I have doesn't have the sayings but I own the book so I swear its on there.). The UK version has the saying "Time for the final choice", and the US version has the sayings "Frighteningly Beautiful. Dangerously Strong. Breathtakingly Fast." I felt like the sayings on the US cover and the cover of the US one pulls you in more to wanting to read the book. So my choice is the US cover.

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