Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Uglies: Shay's Story by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies: Shay's Story
Authors: Scott Westerfeld & Devin Grayson
Illustrator: Steven Cummings
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: March 6, 2012
Pages: 208
Source: Paperback/Library

“This whole game is just designed to make us hate ourselves.”—Shay

Uglies told Tally Youngblood’s version of life in Uglyville and the budding rebellion against the Specials. Now comes an exciting graphic novel revealing new adventures in the Uglies world—as seen through the eyes of Shay, Tally’s rebellious best friend who’s not afraid to break the rules, no matter the cost.

A few months shy of her sixteenth birthday, Shay eagerly awaits her turn to become a Pretty—a rite-of-passage operation called “the Surge” that transforms ordinary Uglies into paragons of beauty. Yet after befriending the Crims, a group of fellow teens who refuse to take anything in society at face value, Shay starts to question the whole concept. And as the Crims explore beyond the monitored borders of Uglyville into the forbidden, ungoverned wild, Shay must choose between the perks of being Pretty and the rewards of being real.

Review: We all know I am absolutely in love with The Uglies Series, so it was a no brainer I'd read this at some point! So since this is a graphic novel my review is gonna be short but OMG! I loved this. I loved reading Shay's version of things and what happened with her before she met Tally! I also thought the drawings were very well done. Except I did think there could have been more of a difference between the Uglies and Pretties. But besides that I thought the drawings were great. I really loved how Shay described things as she started changing her mind about the operation. About how she could either be Pretty or be real. I thought that was an accurate description of things. Because we all know how the Pretties seemed to lose a few brain cells (or at the very least, acted like it) after the operation. I thought it was accurate the choice of being Pretty or being real and keeping your head even if that meant you'd be considered an "Ugly" all your life. I really loved this novel and I definitely cant wait for the next one!

4 Stars!

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  1. I didn't even know that this book was out! It's going on my TBR right now, I am a fan of the Uglies series. Great review!


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