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Review: Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Flame (Sky Chasers #3)
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Pages: 336
Source: Hardcover/Library

In the thrilling conclusion to the Sky Chasers series Waverly, Kieran, and Seth struggle to survive on-board the New Horizon—and take down their enemies before it's too late.

Waverly and the other members of the Empyrean have scattered, and their home ship has been destroyed. Their mission to rescue their parents didn't go as planned, and now they're at an even greater disadvantage: trapped with their enemies on the New Horizon, trying to find a way to survive. Kieran has been pulled under Anne Mather’s wing, but is she really trying to make peace, or just using Kieran to build her own power? Meanwhile, Waverly is taken in by a mysterious old man who wants to help her bring Anne Mather down—but the more Waverly cooperates with him, the more dangerous her position is, and the more at odds with Kieran she becomes.

Seth's situation is even worse. After setting out from the Empyrean on his own, with only a vague strategy to guide him, he is a fugitive aboard the New Horizon. He's doing what he can to challenge the power of Anne Mather, but he's badly hurt, and getting sicker.

Will Seth ever see Waverly again? Will his health hold out long enough to help her topple their enemies? And will Waverly find a way to unite with her friends before they all fall? Nothing is sure and every moment is a risk in this explosive finale of the Sky Chasers series.

Review: Overall I thought this was a great ending to the series. This book was filled with action, and not all of it physical. I thoroughly enjoyed not only the pulse pounding physical action taking place but also the mental action of everyone using everyone to advance their own position, no mater what the cost. I couldn't put this book down because something was always happening, whether it was the doctor trying to use Waverly to take Anne down, Anne trying to use Kiernan to take the doctor down, everyone searching for Seth etc. There was always something happening!!!

I really enjoyed the multiple view points! In some books it works and some it doesn't, but due to the nature of the situation the characters find themselves in, the multiple POV's worked well to tell the whole story without just focusing on one person to tell it! Overall, I had to say I enjoyed the POV's of the people hiding on the Empyrean and Seth the most. There was always something interesting going on during the scenes of those still on the Empyrean and Seth was always getting into trouble or having trouble find him. His scenes were always interesting to read. 

The story was predictable in some areas but surprising in others. Such as when Jared took Waverly somewhere alone. I could see where that situation was going right away. But then when you had a scene like when Kieran was forced to swallow bombs, I totally didn't see that coming! The story had a good mix of surprise while keeping certain things predictable like some things usually are in a story. 

I was overall happy with how things turned out. I really wasn't sure that the Empyrean would be salvageable after what happened to it but I'm glad it got fixed to the point of being able to run for a few more years! I was also very happy that the people from the Empyrean went back to their ship and were able to find a planet to live on without the New Horizon people. I was very bummed though that Kieran got taken back to the New Horizon and never got to experience the new planet with the rest of the Empyrean crew like he planned to, but I'm glad he got operated on and was OK. I also definitely think the people that needed to end up together did! Waverly definitely belonged with Seth and I think after seeing how they were with each other, Kieran definitely belonged with Felicity! I'm super happy these couples got to have their happily ever afters with each other!

5 Stars!

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Stacking The Shelves [#68]

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews as a way to share all the books we got during the week!

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E-Book Deals

So as I was on Amazon I saw a bunch of books that are marked down currently. Thought I would share what I've found on sale so others can get them while their on sale as well! Some are Amazon only deals and some are also on sale from Barnes & Noble and other places as well (though I'm only going to link to Amazon and Barnes & Noble). (Prices are for US)

The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1) by Alexandra Bracken

The Warrior Heir (The Heir Chronicles #1) by Cinda Williams Chima

Under The Never Sky (Under The Never Sky #1) by Veronica Rossi

Mila 2.0 (Mila 2.0 #1) by Debra Driza

Reboot (Reboot #1) by Amy Tintera

The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns #1) by Rae Carson

Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn #1) by J.A. London

Leviathan (Leviathan #1) by Scott Westerfeld

House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple

Eve (Eve #1) by Anna Carey

Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

Anna Dressed In Blood (Anna #1) by Kendare Blake

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

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Stacking The Shelves [#67]

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews as a way to share all the books we got during the week!


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*I didnt get a chance to finish any books this week again thanks to school. We're starting term papers and research papers so we've got a lot we have to work on. 

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Waiting On Wednesday [#106]

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases we're eagerly anticipating.

All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1)
Author: Ally Carter
Expected Publication: January 27, 2015

Grace Blakely is absolutely certain of three things:

1. She is not crazy.
2. Her mother was murdered.
3. Someday she is going to find the killer and make him pay.

As certain as Grace is about these facts, nobody else believes her–so there’s no one she can completely trust. Not her grandfather, a powerful ambassador. Not her new friends, who all live on Embassy Row. Not Alexei, the Russian boy next door who is keeping an eye on Grace for reasons she neither likes nor understands.

Everybody wants Grace to put on a pretty dress and a pretty smile, blocking out all her unpretty thoughts. But they can’t control Grace–no more than Grace can control what she knows or what she needs to do.

Her past has come back to hunt her . . . and if she doesn’t stop it, Grace isn’t the only one who will get hurt. Because on Embassy Row, the countries of the world all stand like dominoes, and one wrong move can make them all fall down.

Big fan of ally Carter! Definitely looking forward to a new book from her!!! :)

What are you waiting on this week?

New Releases November 4 - November 10

The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #3)
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: November 4, 2014

Mara Dyer wants to believe there's more to the lies she’s been told.
There is.

She doesn’t stop to think about where her quest for the truth might lead.
She should.

She never had to imagine how far she would go for vengeance.
She will now.

Loyalties are betrayed, guilt and innocence tangle, and fate and chance collide in this shocking conclusion to Mara Dyer’s story.
Retribution has arrived.

Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3)
Author: Robin LaFevers
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: November 4, 2014

Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death. But her worst fears are realized when she discovers she is being groomed by the abbess as a Seeress, to be forever sequestered in the rock and stone womb of the convent. Feeling sorely betrayed, Annith decides to strike out on her own.

She has spent her whole life training to be an assassin. Just because the convent has changed its mind doesn't mean she has...

A Thousand Pieces Of You (Firebird #1)
Author: Claudia Gray
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: November 4, 2014

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are known for their radical scientific achievements. Their most astonishing invention: the Firebird, which allows users to jump into parallel universes, some vastly altered from our own. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered, the killer—her parent’s handsome and enigmatic assistant Paul—escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him.

Marguerite can’t let the man who destroyed her family go free, and she races after Paul through different universes, where their lives entangle in increasingly familiar ways. With each encounter she begins to question Paul’s guilt—and her own heart. Soon she discovers the truth behind her father’s death is more sinister than she ever could have imagined.

A Thousand Pieces of You explores a reality where we witness the countless other lives we might lead in an amazingly intricate multiverse, and ask whether, amid infinite possibilities, one love can endure.

Other New Releases This Week:
Waistcoats & Weaponry (Finishing School #3) by Gail Carriger (11/4/14) [Little, Brown]
Killer Instinct (The Naturals #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (11/4/14) [Disney-Hyperion]
Crashland (Twinmaker #2) by Sean Williams (11/4/14) [Balzer + Bray]
Empire of Shadows (Bhinian Empire #2) by Miriam Forster (11/4/14) [Harper Teen]

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Stacking The Shelves [#66]

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews as a way to share all the books we got during the week!

For Kindle:
  • Two of Us (The Lonely Hearts Club #1.2) by Elizabeth Eulberg (Goodreads/Amazon)

Weekly Recap:

Memes & Other Posts:

*I had really hoped to finish another book this week besides Savage Drift but I'm just swamped with paper writing for 3 different classes this week. College can be a bit of a pain sometimes! Lol!

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