So August has been my best reading month so far. Not nearly close to where my reading is usually at, but its getting back there. I did enjoy most of the books I read this month. So that's some good news.

Books I Read In August:

I finally got caught up on the Miss Peregrine's series! And I really enjoyed books 3 and 4 more than the first two. I don't know what it was, but I was just super in the mood for them and really enjoyed them. I also finally read one of my ARCs. Guys, you know how far behind I am. So this is a good thing. Lol. 

I finally read Night of Cake & Puppets! This book has been on my kindle for years. So yeah. Kinda happy I finally got around to finishing the series out. Mik & Zuzana's story was freaking adorable!! I also finally got around to reading Red Rising, which we all know I picked up last year. And seriously. New fave series here, I can already tell. I LOVED it so much. Such a good story. And last but not least, Heart of Iron. Which I DNF'ed. I really wanted to like this. A retelling of Anastasia in space? Definitely sounded good. But when I actually got to reading it, I was incredibly bored. So I ended up DNFing it. First DNF of the year. But hey, it happens. 

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