New Releases: Week of March 20, 2018

Orphan Monster Spy
Author: Matt Killeen
Publisher: Viking BYR
Publication Date: March 20, 2018

A Jewish girl-turned-spy must infiltrate an elite Nazi boarding school in this highly commercial, relentlessly nail-biting World War II drama!

After her mother is shot at a checkpoint, fifteen-year-old Sarah--blonde, blue-eyed, and Jewish--finds herself on the run from a government that wants to see every person like her dead. Then Sarah meets a mysterious man with an ambiguous accent, a suspiciously bare apartment, and a lockbox full of weapons. He's a spy, and he needs Sarah to become one, too, to pull off a mission he can't attempt on his own: infiltrate a boarding school attended by the daughters of top Nazi brass, befriend the daughter of a key scientist, and steal the blueprints to a bomb that could destroy the cities of Western Europe. With years of training from her actress mother in the art of impersonation, Sarah thinks she's ready. But nothing prepares her for her cutthroat schoolmates, and soon she finds herself in a battle for survival unlike any she'd ever imagined.

The Prophecy (Titan #4)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Hodder
Publication Date: March 20, 2018

History is on repeat…

Seth never thought he’d have a future. But now he’s on the brink of having it all with Josie: A tomorrow. A family. A forever. And all that's standing between him and that forever is the Titans. If he helps Josie entomb them -- without killing them, a nearly impossible task for him -- everything he could ever want will be in reach. But he soon realizes that as a god, every little choice he makes can reshape the world for the better… or worse. And in meddling with the Titans, Seth may have just set into motion catastrophic consequences that will force the Olympians to enter the mortal realm and reshape the delicate balance of power that keeps the world from total collapse.

A price must be paid…

Entombing the Titans is Josie’s top priority. After all, it was what she was born to do. But the plans her father put into play to help her are no longer an option, and the odds she and Seth face in forging their own path are grim. The escalating violence between halfs and pures only increases the danger closing in on them and their friends. Josie knows their chances of succeeding in their task are slim at best -- and if they fail, they might lose everything. But she also knows she's not fighting just for herself -- she's fighting for the man she loves, for their future, for the world. Together with the Army of Awesome, Josie and Seth will face the unthinkable. And to win this war, the ultimate sacrifice must be made.

For the end is here and the Prophecy will be fulfilled….

Other New Releases This Week:
Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles (3/20/18) [Little, Brown BYR]
SINdicate (The New Lyons Sequence #2) by J.T. Nicholas (3/20/18) [Rebel Base Books]
Tiger's Dream (The Tiger Saga #5) by Colleen Houck (3/20/18) 
The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch #2) by Rin Chupeco (3/20/18) [Sourcebooks Fire]
The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan (3/20/18) [Little, Brown BYR]
59 Hours by Johnny Kovatch (3/20/18) [Simon Pulse]
Here So Far Away by Hadley Dyer (3/20/18) [Harper Teen]
Along The Indigo by Elsie Chapman (3/20/18) [Amulet]
Losing Leah by Tiffany King (3/20/18) [Feiwel & Friends]
Finding Felicity by Stacey Kade (3/20/18) [Simon & Schuster BYR]

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