Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry for the lack of reviews lately! I've had a bunch going on so I haven't really been able to read that much. I promise I'll make up for it after the next week or so when things calm down. But I'll totally let you guys in on whats kept me so busy. So I have decided I'm going back to school in the fall!! Which means I have a ton to do before then. I've been studying for my assessments (so I can be placed in certain class levels), the math one in particular, cuz I absolutely suck at math. Lol. So what am I actually gonna be studying in college? Social Services! I'm all kinds of excited about this since I really want a career where I can help people and this is a field where I can definitely help people! But ya. I'm busy getting everything I need done so I'm ready for school in the fall.

Also, on the 16th, I'm getting baptized! And thats really exciting for me! So especially this week, I've kinda been preoccupied with preparing things for that!

Also, I might have a job! Its not full time (that I know of), but its something I definitely think I would enjoy, and ironically, actually is kinda in the field of social services. So I guess I'm kinda getting a head start! But ya. There's that.

So ya. There's lots going on right now. But I haven't forgot about you guys! I have two giveaways coming up (hopefully, I can get the first one up tomorrow). And I'm gonna try really hard to get at least some reading in so I can give you a review maybe two in the next week! :)

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  1. This is such exciting news Brittani, I hope all goes smoothly with your schooling and job. Those are definitely top priority! (: Congratulations on all of that and your baptizing news too :D!!


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