Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Forgotten Lyrics by Amanda Hocking

Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong #0.5)
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: October 30, 2012
Pages: 60
Source: Read on Authors Website

Don’t miss this imaginative new short story set in the magical world of Watersong—a realm of enchanting beauty…and terrifying secrets.

Aggie is a mythological creature on a secret mission.  Lydia is a young woman from a magical family with no real powers of her own. And Daniel is a high school boy who’s made it his duty to protect his deeply troubled older brother.  Then one fateful night, their lives collide in a terrifying accident that changes them all forever. And beneath the surface, the ripple effects of the accident will have more impact than anyone could ever guess...changing not only their future, but the fate of an entire town.

Review: I enjoyed this. So this is a very short Novella. It takes place 5 years before Wake starts (except in the epilogue where its present time to where Wake starts). I really liked getting to know more about Daniel and Aggie, the girl of which Gemma takes the place of in Wake. We find out how Daniel went through a trauma when he was fifteen and lost someone close to him. And how Aggie, went out on her own for a while, and that was how she ended up in Capri, and ended up saving Daniels life even though she should have just walked away. She tried to change, not be like the other girls and they got ride of her because of it. I didnt really like them in Wake and reading how they got rid of Aggie just reaffirmed why I dont like them. I was so disappointed that we only got a small peek at her before they got rid of her and we wont see more of her! I also liked Lydia! She was taking after her grandmother in helping the supernatural and they crossed paths with Aggie and Daniel. Lydia definitely seems like a really good person, and I hope we see her show up in the series! :) I do felt like this could have been a longer novella. I really would have loved to know more about Aggie and Lydia. 

4 Stars!

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