Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me of Myself Or Someone I Know In Real Life

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This Weeks Topic Is:
Top Ten Characters That Remind Me of Myself Or Someone I Know In Real Life

1. Katy (From Obsidian) - First of all, she's a book blogger, which totally reminds me of me. Duh! She also wouldnt give into things which is something I am on the same page with her on. I'm not exactly one who will bend to peoples wills just cuz either. But also like Katy, when she went back to help Daemon even though he told her not to, I would have done the same. I'm not one to abandon someone I care about even if they act like a jerk sometimes.

2. Daemon (Also From Obsidian) - Daemon reminds me of my more than friend, less than boyfriend Josh. Daemon was so freaking hot and cold with his feelings for Katy and that is exactly how Josh is with me most of the time. But also like Daemon, all Josh has to say is something cute (like how Daemon would call Katy Kitten, he calls me Baby Girl) and I just melt again. 

3. Hannah (From Thirteen Reasons Why) - I completely understood where she came from. She reminds me of me when I'm depressed. Because when I'm depressed its like things just pile and pile on top of each other to make things even worse than they were when things started. And that's what happened to her. I've also been in that place where I've though about actually doing what Hannah did. Now obviously I didn't (Because of certain people who showed me it wasn't worth it and that I have people who love and care about me (certain people include certain named boy above(Josh))) but I completely understood why she did. 

4. Tris (From Divergent) - Just for the fact that she reminds me of me with all that being Dauntless. Ok, it was a big step for Tris to transfer to Dauntless from Abnegation but she did it and honestly, if I was in that spot I would have too. And that reminds me of me.

5. Hudson (From Bittersweet) - She reminds me of me with her love of baking! I love love love to bake and try n recipes and she's like me in that way! 

6. Dee (From Obsidian) - Dee was like Katy's best friend, but also like a sister to Katy and that reminds me of my best friend Marissa. Because thats exactly how she is to me and I saw a lot of how me and Marissa are with each other in how Dee and Katy were with each other (minus the Alien part). Lol.

7. Tucker (From Unearthly) - He just reminds me of my friend David. With the horses, and the truck and his events. Everytime I think about Tucker I picture someone like my friend David.

8. Ana (From Incarnate) - She reminds me of me. Everyone judged her and thought bad of her because of what she was. And I definitely know how it feels to be judged. So I knew how she felt and it's not the best feeling. 

Ok, so I can only think of 8 right now. 


  1. GREAT list Brittani! I love that you have Hudson on here since I haven't seen her on any other lists!(:

    Ivy Book Bindings

  2. Oh dear! I forgot Hanna but I use to feel like her sometimes as well, good to know we have amazing friends :)
    I think Katy reminds me of all the blogger I know and well... if Josh is like Daemon... I understand you! lol!
    Amazing list! I think I know you now!

  3. I loved Thirteen Reasons Why - it is great to hear that through your friends you found joy to live again! :) Great blog, btw.


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