Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tune In Tuesday [#2]

Tune In Tuesday is hosted by Ginger and GReads! Its a way to show other bloggers what your listening to and gain more interest in it. :)

Ok, so lately I've been listening to my rock music more and I've been listening to Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse. (Two of my fave bands btw) Now, if you know anything about these two bands you'll know that the lead singer of FIR is Ronnie who was formerly the lead singer of ETF. Theres been this whole big thing about which band is better now and whether Craig or Ronnie is better in ETF. Well, I wanna share some of both, because I love both bands equally no matter who the lead singer is.

The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse

Something by Escape The Fate

I'm Not A Vampire by Falling In Reverse

The Flood by Escape The Fate

Just so everyone knows, The Flood and Something by Escape The Fate are off the album "This War Is Ours" and The Drug In Me Is You and I'm Not A Vampire by Falling In Reverse are off the album "The Drug In Me Is You"


  1. This is just kind of crazy-creepy because I just heard of Falling In Reverse for my first time the other day and I was instantly like "Woah! I am kind of digging this music." I love your song choices!

  2. Can't say that I've heard this band...But I'm always looking to add new music to my collection :)


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