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  1. Your library seems to have some nice picks for you this week. The rest of your haul is equally impressive.


  2. I neeeeed to get my hands on Boundless! There's a waiting list at my library ALREADY and I'm the 5th one!

    My StS will be up tomorrow at Take Me Away...! Please stop by if you can!

  3. I am so jealous of your copy of Boundless! I've been through several bookstores this weekend but they said it was out of stock. Boo! It pains to hear that over and over again. *sob*

    I can't wait to get a copy of Prodigy. I really enjoyed Legend so I am definitely looking forward to book 2.

    Great book you got this week! Happy reading!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  4. Wow, such a great haul! And so many of those are sequels to books that I REALLY need to read! I hope you enjoy all of these! :D

  5. Nice stacking from the library! I read Tempest and didn't realize there was a sequel. Thanks for stopping by my stacking
    Jess @FueledbyFiction

  6. Whoa, you got so many good books this week! Prodigy just arrived for me from the library and I have to go pick it up.
    Everbound was soo good, wait until you get to the end! Shadowlands was not at all what I expected, in a bad way. I absolutely can't wait to read Vortex, the cover is just stunning! :D
    Thanks for stopping by my STS! (:

  7. I read Starcrossed and loved it. I know the general buzz was luke warm, but I really enjoyed it. I also picked up Dreamless, you know, that whole completist thing. I haven't gotten to it yet, but I will.
    Awesome haul. I hope you have time to read them all.
    Tammy @

  8. Nice haul!

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