Friday, June 29, 2012

More Cover Reveals (So Many Lately)

No blurb yet. I haven't read this series but I own the first one and I really wanna get to it soon. I love this cover. Out of the three covers I love this one the best. I love the blue so much on this! I think it looks fantastic! A Touch Menacing's expected publication is March 5, 2013!

AHHHHH!!!!! I'm like seriously beyond excited for Requiem. I love love loved Delirium & Pandemonium and after the way Pandemonium ended I need this like ASAP!!! I need Lena to end up with Alex! I will be so unhappy (and there will be lots of book throwing) if she doesn't. And I really need to see whats gonna happen in general! EEEPPPP! Lol. Requiem's expected publication is also March 5, 2013!

 No blurb yet. I do like this cover. I think it goes well with Partials. I havent read Partials yet but I know a few of you have and liked it so I'll have to get on that soon. Fragments expected publication is February 26, 2013!

What are your thoughts on the covers? Let me know in the comments!

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