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Review: Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter

Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover (Gallagher Girls #3)
Author: Ally Carter
Publisher: Hyperion
Publication Date: June 9, 2009
Pages: 263
Source: Paperback/Own

When Cammie "The Chameleon" Morgan visits her roommate Macey in Boston, she thinks she's in for an exciting end to her summer break. After all, she's there to watch Macey's father accept the nomination for vice president of the United States. But when you go to the world's best school (for spies), "exciting" and "deadly" are never far apart. Cammie and Macey soon find themselves trapped in a kidnappers' plot, with only their espionage skills to save them.

As her junior year begins, Cammie can't shake the memory of what happened in Boston, and even the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women doesn't feel like the safe haven it once did. Shocking secrets and old flames seem to lurk around every one of the mansion's corners as Cammie and her friends struggle to answer the questions, Who is after Macey? And how can the Gallagher Girls keep her safe?

Soon Cammie is joining Bex and Liz as Macey's private security team on the campaign trail. The girls must use their spy training at every turn as the stakes are raised, and Cammie gets closer and closer to the shocking truth..

Review: I love the Gallagher Girls series and this one definitely didn't disappoint. So let just get right down to it. The almost-kidnapping that happened when Cammie was visiting Macey set up for a great story. I really enjoyed the mystery surrounding the kidnapping that didn't quite happen. Like the fact that Cammie felt like she had seen the design on one of the kidnappers rings but couldnt place it until later in the book. I also loved how Cammies Aunt Abby ended up being Macey's secret service agent!! I really enjoyed her being a big part of this book. I did find it kinda sad though that there were many times Cammie tried to talk to her Aunt but she was too busy having to protect Macey. I did absolutely love the moment they shared closer to the end when her Aunt found her in her room. They shared like a close family moment there and it really made up for those times it seems like her Aunt was unintentionally blowing her off.

I loved how Cammie and her friends did some investigating of there own on certain things and the shocking secrets those investigations revealed. I'll admit, there was a certain one that absolutely shocked me. But I'm not about to spoil that for you. I was also very interested at the end with the events that took place and with the info that came out about the Circle of Cavan and what they were really after.

Now.. On to Zach. I really didn't know what to think about that boy sometimes! Sometimes he was all flirty and cute with Cammie and other times he acted like he didn't care. I'll admit, more of it was flirty and cute so I think I like him. He doesn't seem that bad. I hope that doesn't change though.

I would definitely recommend this book to others, especially if you like the first two book in the series which are "I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You" and "Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy" or if you like Ally's Heist Society series. :) (Yes I totally color coded the first 2 GG books)

4 1/2 Stars! 

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