Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling

The Hunter's Moon (The Chronicles Of Faerie #1)
Author: O.R. Melling
Publisher: Amulet Books
Publication Date: May 1, 2006
Pages: 289
Source: Paperback/Own

Gwen travels to Ireland to visit her cousin Findabhair, expecting a summer of backpacking, late nights, and the usual road trip adventures. But when Findabhair is kidnapped by the King of Faerie, Gwen must race to save her cousin before the rise of the Hunter's Moon, when the fairies need a human sacrifice.

Review: This book was definitely not what I expected. I was expecting different faerie courts and whatnot. I did however enjoy the book. I found it very enjoyable. Ok, so quick outline of it. Gwen goes to visit her cousin Findabhair in Ireland. They set out for a summer of backpacking through Ireland when during the night in Tara the King of Faerie kidnaps Findabhair leaving Gwen to chase the fairy court throughout Ireland to save her cousin. Throughout her chase of the faerie court she makes new friends with people whose helped her and discovers strengths within herself she didn't know she had. On and off through the chase she's entered the faerie court for a short while in her dreams and such and learns her cousin loves the king and that she may not want to be saved. After Gwen finds herself on Inch island she encounters a shadow, a shadow of the hunter. After that she realizes she must save her cousin before the hunters moon before she becomes the sacrifice... 

I really liked this book. The thing I liked most was the Celtic/Irish language and culture. I was so fascinated by it. I've never really read any books with it in it and it was fascinating learning some of the language and customs throughout the book. I liked how Gwen grew throughout the book. She went from basically following Findabhair around to becoming her own person and learning her strengths. I also liked how smart she was, putting together all the little clues when she had to. I also enjoyed the story of the Faerie court. It wasn't like anything I've read before with seperate courts (summer, winter etc). It was just one court which made thinks way easier to keep up with. The faeries weren't just something made up, they were something many people actually believed in and because of that they were willing to help Gwen. I liked how at the end the friends Gwen made along with her cousin and the King of Faeries all come together to try to rally against the hunter. I think the ending was really satisfying even if it was a little saddening at one point. 

I did however think there should have been more character development in Findabhair and some of the other reoccurring characters. But overall I thought it was a good read. :)

3 1/2 Stars!

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