Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell writing as Celia Thomson

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Author: Liz Braswell writing as Celia Thomson
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: June 7, 2011
Pages: 771
Source: Paperback/Own

Chloe King is a normal girl. She goes to class (most of the time), fights with her mom, and crushes on a boy…or two. But around her sixteenth birthday, Chloe finds that perhaps she isn’t so normal after all. There’s the heightened night vision, the super fast reflexes – oh, and the claws.
As she discovers who she is – and where she comes from – it is clear she is not alone. And someone is trying to get her.
Chloe has nine lives. But will nine be enough?

Review: I loved this book! It was so different from the TV show but I liked it. In fact I think I like the book more than the show (but the shows is still good.) Now for those of you who have seen the show somethings are the same, Chloe transforming on her 16th birthday, Alek (though in the book its spelled Alyec) & Brian and the fight for Chloes heart, The Order after Chloe etc. I enjoyed all the different turns it took. The Mai pride all lived together, well most of them anyway, but it was more like a family than a few random Mai in the city. Also there was a lot more Mai than shown in the TV show. It made things way more interesting. Also, Chloe learns the identity of her biological mother in the book, not to mention that she had a sister and possibly a brother. I really liked how they not only had Chloes adoptive mom in the story but how they also helped her figure out who her biological family was. I also enjoyed how they went more into the history of the Mai and the curse and eventually find an end to the curse. How they do that you just have to read to find out, I'm not going to completely spoil the book. I really enjoyed the end of the book, Chloe becoming pride leader, giving up one of her lives for her pride and making a big change that affected The Pride & The Order. The book had a really satisfying ending and tied up any lose ends that left you hanging throughout the book. I'd definitely recommend it.

5 Stars!

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