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Review: A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young

A Want So Wicked (A Need So Beautiful #2)
Author: Suzanne Young
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Publication Date: June 26, 2012
Pages: 288
Source: Hardcover/Library

Elise is a normal seventeen-year-old girl until the day she wakes up in a desert park, with no idea who she is.

After that episode, her life takes a bizarre turn. She’s experiencing unexpected flashes of insight into people’s lives—people she’s never met before. Strangers frighten her with warnings about the approaching Shadows. And although Elise has never had a boyfriend, she suddenly finds herself torn between two handsome but very different young men: Abe, the charming bad boy whose effect on her both seduces and frightens her, and the mysterious Harlin, who’s new to town but with whom Elise feels an urgent, elemental connection—almost as if they are soul mates.

Now Elise begins to question everything about her life. Why do these guys both want her so desperately? What are the Shadows? Why does the name Charlotte inspire a terrifying familiarity? And who is Elise, really?

Review: This book was fantastic! It started pretty much right where A Need So Beautiful left off. But first, only had one complaint about the book. It was that something in the book seemed too predictable. Like I was seriously figuring out everything before it was actually said that it was true. But other than that I loved this book so much! I loved how this one focused a little more on what the Shadows can do! They definitely had a bigger presence in this book, so you really got to see what they were capable of and just how far some of them were willing to go to get what they want. Oh, another thing I liked about this; it took place in Arizona! I always love a book that takes place in the state I live in! I really liked how even though it freaked her out learning about it, that Elise learned about being A Forgotten, and exactly who she was, but also that it was introduced to her slowly and not just thrown on her all at once. She was already on edge because of everything and it helped her deal with it better I think learning about it a little at a time. 

Abe. I could tell something was off about him from the beginning. I was suspecting very early in the book based on how he was acting that he was a Shadow. I just couldn't figure out why he acted differently from other Shadows until his whole wanting Elise for himself thing was out in the open. I can honestly say, I didn't like Abe from the beginning. No matter how many times he tried to sweet talk Elise I just couldn't stand the guy! Now Harlin on the other hand! I was so glad he was brought back for this book! I loved the mutual attraction between him and Elise, even before he knew that she was Charlotte brought back. I also loved how hard Harlin tried to protect Elise! No matter what, he tried to protect her so he wouldn't lose Charlotte again. Elise's sister Lucy... At first I have to say, I really thought she was just a typical rebellious teen with all the sneaking out and stuff. But when certain small things just started happening out of no where I started questioning it. I was just able to guess with those small things that Lucy was A Forgotten too. Though her connection to Harlin I had no idea about. I must say I did like the end, with what happened to Elise. Though I kinda saw it coming, I still enjoyed it none the less! Amazing sequel to A Need So Beautiful!

4 Stars!

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  1. Yes, totally agree. I loved this one. Do you think there will be a third? I couldn't tell. Regardless, I'll be picking up Suzanne Young's The Program once that's out.


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